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Crochet Insider is offering unique, in-depth courses for those who want to advance their crochet skills and design careers. All classes take place on line, but do not require "attendance" at a specific time. Scroll down to see what participants have said about their learning experiences.  

If you are interested in taking a class, please doraoh [at] earthlink [dot] net (SEND ME AN EMAIL).  Classes can be taken individually at any time. Classes run for approximately 3 weeks.

Courses are taught here at Crochet Insider, on pages which only participants can access. You will get a password after paying for the course(s) via Paypal. Lessons will be given in text format, and you can ask questions using the Comments feature on the page. I check in daily to answer questions. New lessons are added as the course progresses. Homework assignments are given, with due dates. To submit your homework by email, you will need a scanner or digital camera. 

Dora also offers one-on-one career mentoring for designers and aspiring designers. This includes evaluation of your design portfolio, submission swatches and sketches, and detailed career planning strategies.  If you're interested please send an email using the link above.

Cost per course:  $60

DISCOUNTS:  Take any 2 courses for $90; Take any 3 courses for $150

COURSES SIX and SEVEN Technical Editing in Crochet

A two part course that will set you on the path to qualify as a Technical Editor for crochet patterns.  This course covers:  

Course Six:  The language, structure and formatting of crochet patterns for professional publication
Course Seven:  Sizing of garments for adult women

Each Course lasts 3 weeks and costs $60.  Discounts apply if more than one course is taken.


We will review various types of sweater constructions, including Basic Tee, Fitted Armhole, Raglan, and Top-down, and examine in detail the pieces that compose them, and the dimensions of those pieces.  We will study schematics for these constructions and talk about the measurements for various sizes.  Lastly, we will discuss the question of fit, and how one can adapt a design to fit your own body.  Homework during this course will include:  drawing schematics, taking measurements.


Once you understand the principles of course 101, it's time to move on to the details, and some actual stitching!  We will discuss the benefits of waist shaping in a sweater, various techniques for doing it.  We will move on to necklines, armholes, and front pieces on cardigans and jackets, and how to match armholes with the proper sized sleeve cap in set in sleeves. Homework during this course will include making an armhole and neckline (small pieces), and math exercises.


People love this construction because it's in one piece and you can try it on as you go.  We will learn how to plan a top down sweater so that you can be assured of good fit, and will actually make a capelet based on your own measurements using raglan increases.  Homework will include drawing schematics, swatching, and making a small capelet.


If you really want to break into designing, or advance your designing career, this course will set you on your way. This is a course about the business and profession of designing, not a "how to design" course. We'll cover: skills you need (designing, computing, and others); Making your work stand out; Connecting to Editors; Creating proposals; Self-Publishing; Self-promotion; Teaching and more!


 In this invaluable course students will learn these crucial skills:

Write clear instructions, using terminology and formatting recognized by professional publishers;  Learn a variety of pattern writing styles; Develop an understanding of the grammar and structure of pattern writing; Break down a pattern into crucial components for instruction writing; Learn how to handle common issues such as Special Stitches, Notes, complex pattern repeats, etc.



Students who've taken Dora's online course had this to say:

"I highly recommend Dora for online or in-person classes. I've done both. She's great fun, knows her stuff, and is a fabulous teacher."

"If you're considering taking a class from Dora, do it. It's so worth the money. This was a great investment in my future."

"Before I started this class I had no background in garment design. I had read and researched but was left feeling confused and overwhelmed.  Now, after taking the course, I understand what measurements are important and what I'm supposed to do with them. I've not only learned the skills necessary to design crocheted garments, but I feel confident enough to use them in designs for both my family and my business."

"Thank you so much for teaching the class . . .  I really did learn so much from you about shaping and designing."

"I did learn a lot and gained confidence to submit a garment in the near future."


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Next class?

Hi,  I just got your book and really enjoy reading all the generous tips and techniques, but would like to have guidance to start on my first crochet sweater.  I love crochet and knitting but have been away from it too long.  Would love to get back to making something that fits me!  Please let me know when your next class starts since I have missed this last one.  Thank you for your wonderful contribution.  Blessings!

Apple computers

Hi Becky,  I have an i-mac computer and haven't had any issues with following CAL's, etc.  Evie

Apple Mac

Hello. I use an Apple Mac. I just wanted to check that any course content I download will be compatible. Thanks


Hi, i would be interested in the class, but i can't be pressured in finishing a project. I am busy, but would sure enjoy this. If i could do this on my own time, i would really like to take this class...elisa

No pressure!

Hi Elisa, there is no pressure to finish anything with this course!  Can you send me an email so we can discuss further?  Thanks for your interest!  Dora