Bead & Felted Tapestry Crochet

Bead & Felted Tapestry Crochet

Carol Ventura's new book takes the art that she loves so much to a new level. In her first two books, Carol offered important historical information on how tapestry crochet has been practiced across the world, as well as in-depth instruction on creating colorwork patterns and designing your own charts. Because of crochet's tendency to slant, she also created a special template that allows one to make crochet "pictures" that look normal.

The new book teaches how to combine tapestry crochet with beads, how to felt your crochet, and how to felt with beads, thus broadening the creative options in several directions. It has a strong how-to section for both right and left-handed crocheters.

Carol's designs are inspired by everything from Salvador Dali to native art of Central America. Some of the most beautiful projects are her containers. There are stunning geometric patterns like her beaded Amulet bag, a chevron change purse, a diamond beaded bracelet, and lovely pictorial patterns like the "Let's Face it Tote," and the Breast Cancer Awareness purse.

Carol self-publishes all her books and does a particularly fine job: layout, comprehensibility, and photos are all of the highest professional quality.

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Reviewed by Amy O'Neill Houck