Himalayan Dream Scarf


Feels as luscious on your skin as it looks on your shoulders!



Himalayan Yarns

May Thamasat Lao Lane Xang, 57 yds/25 g

100% Natural Dyed Silk

Fuchsia Laker

5 skeins



This unusual handspun and naturally dyed silk yarn from Himalaya Yarns inspired a long lacy scarf that I hope you’ll enjoy making. If you have any questions about the pattern please let me know by sending an email. If you complete the scarf, please send me a photo so I can post it in the next issue!


Gauge:  1 repeat of  Double Arch Ground pattern and 6 rows = 2”


4" x 46" (before blocking)


The pattern begins along the long edge of the scarf, so a long starting chain is required.  However, you need only work 13 rows to complete the scarf 

Stitch Pattern

Double Arch Ground

Here is a diagram of the stitch pattern.  It is really quite impossible to put into words!  You can find it spelled out in Harmony Guide Vol. 6 if you like.  But the diagram, done by the incomparable Amie Hirtes, says it all.

In row 2, after the 11th sc, ch 4 and sl st into the sc 7 st before the one just completed. You can do this without actually turning, but if you turn that's OK too.  Then work 4 sc over the chains just made, and continue working as shown in diagram.

Ch 239

Work row 1 of pattern across.  23 patt reps

Continue in patt for a total of 12 rows.

Row 13: (Working chains slightly loosely) Ch 1,  sc in first sc, *ch 4, dc in sc over dc of prev row, ch 4, sc in center sc of small arch, rep from * ending with sc in last sc.

FINISHING:  Pin and steam block to open up stitches.  Don't neglect this part, it makes a HUGE difference.  Just put it on your ironing board, steam and stretch it, stick safety pins all around the edges and let it sit.  Don't place iron directly on fabric, just keep steaming and stretching it till it looks good.

If you wish to wear the scarf as shown above, you can sew the edges together, or simply pin it closed.



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himalayan silk lace scarf


let me first say i love this pattern.  however, i have been unable to find your himalayan yarn.  i have tried quite a few sites to no avail.  i am substituting another silk yarn.  your pattern needs 5 skeins but no yardage total/skein is provided.  i need this information for my substitute yarn.  thank you very much for this information.



Website for the yarn you are looking for:



Linda P